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Commercial Property Management

We bring you the most experienced property manager experiences and brands to manage your commercial property, from large malls to small apartment buildings and everything in between. Bringing the expertise and knowledge of global companies into the real estate market in Egypt will accelerate the advancement of the market and will position it faster into globalization.

Expo Management

Awareness, branding, and sales are the pillars of InvestGo Expos designed to bring the Real Estate market in Egypt into globalization. We are looking to open new markets that have not been touched before to make Egypt a favorable market for international real estate investment.

Franchise Consulting

Whether it is helping you decide, contact, and own the right franchise for you or your company, or taking your own successful brand to the next level by franchising it, we are eager and capable of helping you throughout your journey.

Engineering Consulting

Structural engineering and architectural engineering are at the forefront and the core of any memorable structure. InvestGo engineering utilizes top talent, with 100s of years of collective experience, advising, designing, and supervising a vast array of significant structures, such as malls, stadiums, high rises, large complexes and more.

Project Management Training

The need for trained and experienced project managers in Egypt as a whole, and specifically in the new capital cannot be overstated. Our training programs, such as the one-week exam prep for PMP are the most advanced in the industry and will bring successful results that are normally hard to achieve.

Marketing Consulting

Marketing research and feasibility studies may have been ignored by many developers in and outside of Egypt. Many real estate developers do not think about what they do in the same way widget manufacturing does, thereby not understanding what their clients really need and want, and how to bring the right products to their customers. We can help… we will help you with the commoditization of your production.

Our firm provides the expert support organizations need to thrive in a fast-changing world.

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