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Even though our Expos generate high volume of sales, they are not just the usually expected sales events we have all come to know. 

Nor are they just shows or displays of products, even though we plan to extensively showcase the progress of R/E development and sales in Egypt.

What we aim for is more ambitious than this.

What we aim for is much more ambitious than this. Instead, we are looking to:

Open new markets that have not been touched before

Take the Egyptian R/E product globally

Make Egypt a favorable market for international real estate investment, even more so than New York City, Los Angeles, or London

Our Expos Are About What We Call the Three Pillars of Success:



Make the Egyptians, the Arabs, and foreign investors familiar with some of the major players in the market and what products are offered


Tell the story of what is happening in Egypt, the progress, and the opportunity


Generate substantial sales through:

  1. Convenience
  2. Benefits
  3. Incentives

The Outreach Plan

To achieve this vision, we employ a comprehensive branding, marketing, and advertising program that follows the vision with activities aimed for

  • Awareness
  • Branding
  • Sales

We utilize our experience and skills, in affiliation with extraordinarily successful and specialized firms and professionals in each area, and workstream in our planning, production and managing of the events.

When you allow us to partner with you in your vision of success, we will put every ounce of creativity and effort into helping you realize your wildest dreams for your company.

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