Our Services As a Franchisor

Even though our Expos generate high volume of sales, they are not just the usually expected sales events we have all come to know. 

Nor are they just shows or displays of products, even though we plan to extensively showcase the progress of R/E development and sales in Egypt.

Case Studies Do you have an existing success story?

Do you have an idea that makes you excited?

Did you build this business from scratch that is now flourishing and growing?

Do you feel that your business is poised to grow further? Are people frequently asking you why you do not expand or open new locations? If you had immense success with your business.

would you like to explore the possibilities of expanding your business with the franchising model?

If so, we are here to help. We can run a feasibility analysis, considering your market condition, your clients’ profile, the prospect and forecast of your industry, your value proposition and many other factors that will determine your future success. The study will guide us to see if the franchise model is the best growth strategy for your business. If your business is not suitable for franchising, we will advise you on many other available ways to expand your business with the same overall reach and magnitude.

Does it wake you up in the middle of the night and keep coming back?

Are you haunted by this idea, and cannot stop imagining yourself in it?

We totally appreciate your passion and know that it is these ideas that have changed the world throughout history. We can also assess proof/concept test your idea to evaluate your new product or service ideas in the market of your choice and examine its potential success. We will also evaluate its feasibility of franchising once the concept has been proven, by running forecasts and hypothetical analysis, among other factors to anticipate the concept’s success as a franchise model.

When your idea is capable of being a franchise, we will collaborate with you on all nine pillars of franchising:

A Full List of Services we Provide are Below:

We Know The Importance Of Delivering The Best Customer Experience.


Discovery of value proposition, product offering, market size, etc.


Financial statements, start-up costs, franchise cost, etc.


Review/ modification of franchise agreement, disclosure agreement, franchise registration, state filings, etc.


Marketing and sales for the franchise and all marketing activities for franchisees, including the marketing manual.


Development of support, logistics, intranet, and all other required systems.


Training structure and framework, content, and delivery system.

Support System

Franchisee support framework, system, required technology.


Operating manual, logistics system, franchise start-up and operating requirements, vendors identifications and relationships.


Storefront, intranet, website, print materials, digital materials needed for sales and marketing for franchise and franchisees.

Our firm provides the expert support organizations need to thrive in a fast-changing world.

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